Twitter Mod Installation instructions for SimpleMachines

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1. Authorization with Twitter (oAuth)

  • Log in to Twitter and go here
  • Fill out the form on that page. Enter any name (can’t be the word Twitter) and description (requires at least 10 symbols) for the application.
  • For "Application Website:" enter your website address.
  • "Application Type:" should be "Browser".
  • The "Callback URL:" address has to be set to something but can be any address, b/c it will be overwritten later. (For example make is the same as in “Application Website”)
  • "Default Access type:" should be "Read & Write". Fill out the captcha and press the “Register Application” button. You will see a pop-up. Click “I accept”.
  • After you save the form, you'll get the "Consumer key" and "Consumer secret" parameters which you should enter in the mod settings fields. You will see them on the page. Make sure you copy them.
  • Click on "Save" on the mod's settings page.
  • After that click on the "Connect" button in the Twitter settings area. On the opened page “allow” the mod to post to your account and then you'll be redirected back to the Twitter mod settings.
  • If the connection was successful you will see the button “Connect” change to “ReConnect”.
  • Check the “Twitter enable” box and click “Save”.

Now the Twitter part should be connected to your forum and the posts will go there. The next step is connecting

2. Enabling shortening service

  • Register at and go to the settings page at ( There you will find your API Key.
  • Copy it and paste it in the API Key field on the Twitter mod settings page Use your login in the login field.
  • Check the “” enable box and click “Save”.

Now all your links will be shortened using instead of

3. FaceBook connect

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Go to this link and enter there the info about your site.
  • Press "Create application". You might get a CAPTCHA error after that - ignore it.
  • Go to the list of your apps and find the info about your new app.
  • On that page you will notice that these settings: Site URL, Site Domain and Canvas URL have the “localhost” value.
  • You should change these parameters to make the mod work. To do that find the Edit Settings link and click on it.
  • On the next page click on the “Web Site” tab and enter your real Site URL and Site Domain in the opened form.
  • Now click on the Facebook Integration tab and in the Canvas URL field enter your website URL. Click the “Save Changes” button.
  • You will be redirected to the initial app page. Copy the Application ID and Application Secret and paste them into the FB settings area of the mod.
  • Press "Save". After that click on "Connect" in the FB area. You'll be redirected to the FB page where you should allow your app to post to your FB account.
  • Then you'll be redirected back to your forum.

That's it, you can now turn on posting of Twitter or FaceBook using the relevant check-box.

this version is the latest beta and has some small issues. For example it doesn't retrieve a list of FB pages to post to. Also it doesn't remove our copyright. These things will be addressed soon in the next subversion of the mod.