Users subpanel in WordPress. What is that?

Most bloggers would like to have others comment in their blog. It is not necessary to allow registration for this. This function is enabled for you by default. I checked the option by entering settings section -- > discussion -- > default article settings -- > allow people to comment on new articles. The box should be checked.

There is an easy way to add and edit registered users of the WordPress site. I entered the admin area of my blog. In the left sidebar there is the “Users” submenu. The registration of new users is disabled by default. Still, I can register them myself through the admin panel using the “add new user” function. It’s safer to not give anyone the role of the administrator.

When I wanted to let people register on my blog, I entered the admin panel -- > settings -- > general. The checkbox next to the line “Membership” was unchecked. I checked it. The next line “New user default role” sets the role of the user as soon as he/she registers.

Later it will be possible to change the role of the user at the “Authors & Users” section.

The administrator can edit any user profile: add contact info, change password and address. It is possible to change user nickname and use it for public display. The user name can’t be changed.

I can change my profile in the “your profile” section.

From that moment anyone could register on my blog. So, I had to protect my blog from spam registrations and I had to be careful about giving users the appropriate roles.