Email hosting

Our email hosting is based on the SmaterMail platform which is similar to Microsoft Exchange server but much more robust and affordable to the end user.

Email hosting great features include:

  • Support for all email clients and webmail
  • File storage plus 20MB attachments
  • 100% email deliverability with 500 emails per day!
  • Very fast page loads for guests
  • Spell checker for over 15 languages
  • Commontouch Antivirus and spam protection
  • 10GB per mailbox (expandable)
  • Easy sync with iPhone, Android or Blackberry

Prevent being blacklisted and stop the spammers for only $250 a year for 10 mailboxes! This email hosting service is separate from your web site account, which means you don't need to worry about it when you change your hosting providers.

Email Hosting Package best this year:

Email hosting for $240 a year for 10 mailboxes - order

Best price and service!
2by2host Gmail Microsoft
Price per mailbox per month $2 $5 $4
Number of mailboxes 10 1 1
SPAM protection yes yes yes
Antivirus yes yes no
Mobile Friendly yes yes yes

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