Installation of any script

We specialize in: Ajax, PHP, HTML/XHTML, C/C++, mySQL, XML and more.

Scripts installation services - from $60 USD:

Even after you found a script that you need sometimes making it work on your site or with your application can be very difficult. We make this a pleasant experience for you by letting our professionals do this..

Scripts customization services - $85 USD per hour:

Most scripts no matter how great are not written to address your exact needs and situations additional tweaking and customizations might be required.

Our hosting customers are charged only $75 USD per hour

Scripts support services

Now when your script is working you might find a bug or would require an additional functionality added. W'll be more than happy to assist you with that as well.

Scripts hosting - $81 USD a year:

We offer reliable hosting for your scripts, which includes free domain name and installation of some scripts.

Web-design services - $85 USD per hour:

Some scripts have interfaces that users or administrators will see. In some cases a design matching your current one is needed or you might need a complete redesign of what you currently have.