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Adding a new child site to your WP admin dashboard

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Adding a new site to your management system

To connect a new client site to your Main Dashboard you need to take the following steps:

1. Log in to your client site as admin.
2. Install and activate the “MainWP Child” plugin.
3. Go to MainWP Child -> Settings page.
4. Click “Require Unique Security ID” and Save Changes.

This will give you a security code. Copy it and go to your Main website. You don’t need to keep your client site open anymore.

5. From your Main website go to 2by2admin -> Sites -> Add New.
6. Enter the information about the client site: Site Name, Site URL, Administrator Username.
7. Paste the security code you previously copied in the Child Unique Security ID field and click Add New Site.

This will add the site to your management system and you will able to manage it from your Main Dashboard.