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Each site starts with a domain name. Domain names are registered through ICANN organization and are regulated by the same authority. Most companies are re-sellers but some that focus on domains names became registrars themselves and therefore can charge lower yearly fees. It normally costs them only about 25 cents and most like Godaddy pass that fee directly to the customer plus the mark-up.

Domain lookup:

When troubleshooting domain issues it’s important to be able to look up some information about that domain. This tool┬áis great and can be used to get detailed information about each domain. Domains get either pointed to the name servers of domain registrar or the web hosting provider. There are some cases where domains can be pointed to services that specialize in DNS records and traffic. Like in our case we use CloudFlare to mange DNS entries, channel the traffic, save bandwidth and protect against denial of service attacks.

A domain look-up will reveal two pieces of information:

a – The domain registrar

b – The name servers

These are needed to gain access to the domain itself (domain registrar) and at the same time find out where the DNS zone (records that map host names to IP addresses) is located. Knowing these it will be very easy to manage both. We prefer all our customers to point their domains to the name servers we specify. This way we can flawlessly manage them from a single location.