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FTP access

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How to access web sites through FTP

In most cases we relay the main domain and www subdomain through CloudFlare service. For example if your domain is that and will be “protected” relayed though the CloudFlare service. Which means if you ping it you will get the CloudFlare’s IP address. Therefore, if you try connecting to those from your FTP client you will not be connecting to your site but instead to an IP address at CloudFlare. This will not work at all!

Option I

When we create a DNS zone we always add the FTP A record that maps it directly to your site’s IP address. For example the correct host name for the example domain would be This will ensure that the CloudFlare service is bypassed and the connection is made directly to the site’s IP address.

Option II

Another way to connect is either by the server name (find out from your hosting provider) or directly by IP address of the site.  All these are true for when the site is not protected by CloudFlare.

If the domain name is not relayed through CloudFlare service then connection by domain name will work as well as using Option II.