WHMCS IP Address Unblocker

Our WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) IP Address Unblocker is the newest addition to our family of plugins. It allows you to easily unblock a computer’s IP address if it was blocked by our system’s security software. An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a series of numbers assigned to each different computer. Most commonly an IP address gets blocked by attempting to login incorrectly 3 or more times. This plugin will save you time. We created it to make it easier and more convenient for you to correct this immediately on your end without needing to contact us.

The IP Address Unblocker is already installed on our servers. There’s nothing you need to download for you to begin using this. If you failed to login correctly on any computer or mobile device, simply log in to our billing system and at the top left you’ll see the UNBLOCK button. Click it and you’ll have 3 more opportunities to login correctly from the IP address you are attempting to do so on. You now have the power to unblock!! No ring to find in a semi-active volcano necessary.

The 2by2host Team

Is my website is down?

There are times when your site doesn’t open for some reason and normally there’s a reason for it.  Here are the simple steps to take before contacting your hosting provider. Keep in mind the more information you provider the faster your issues will be resolved.

Can you open any other site on the Internet?

In our browser open google.com and run a search.  If that works your internet is working properly and you don’t need to contact your Internet Service Provider.  Move on to the next step.

Is DNS service for your site working properly?

DNS service is responsible for translating domain and host names to IP addresses. It is a critical component of how your site is found on the Internet.

Go to command line/shell on your computer:

PC: Go to Start – Run. Type in cmd

Mac: Navigate to Applications – Utilities then double-click on Terminal

From there type in nslookup yoursite.com (yoursite.com is the full address of your site)

If this command doesn’t return any information it can mean that either your ISP’s name servers are not working correctly or your web hosting provider is having issues or your domain is not pointing to correct name servers. If other sites are opening fine for you contact your hosting provider otherwise, contact your ISP.

Can you ping your site?

Ping is like saying hello to a friend and expecting a hello back. If there’s no answer something is not right.

Go to command line/shell on your computer:

Type in ping yoursite.com

You should see an immediate “Reply from” messages. If you are not seeing that your IP might be blocked by the firewall on the server or the data center. You can use DownForEveryoneOrJustMe service to see if it’s just you who can’t access your site and if it is, log in to your billing account and unblock your IP address or send the IP to your hosting provider (doing this from your billing account is much faster) so that they would unblock it for you. You can get your IP address by going to to our site and using the What is your IP address utility.

Does your site display an error message?

Pay attention to any errors you see in your browser and copy them in their entirety to the email you will send to your hosting provider.

404 Error



Can’t Access Site

Can’t Access Your Site that is hosted with us?

Not being able to access your website is usually the result of one of the following:

1. Internet connectivity issues
2. The IP address of a customer was blocked due to incorrect login details (username/and or password) used AT LEAST THREE TIMES.

1. In the case of the first scenario, contact your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) as they are who you are paying for consistent, reliable access to the internet. If you can’t access other websites besides your own, it’s obviously a temporary problem with their network, or a localized problem near your home or office. Wind, rain, snow, etc, can cause such problems and your ISP may not be aware of these localized problems in their network unless you contact them.

2. Situation #2 here happens as a security measure to prevent unauthorized access to your site. Like in baseball, 3 strikes and you’re out, when you or someone else types in incorrect information to log into your site 3 or more times, the security software flags this as a possible hacker with malicious intent to safeguard you. We understand typos happen and people often forget passwords.

Should you be locked out due to multiple attempts to login to your site, please email us: https://www.2by2host.com/contact

There is no charge to do this, we know mistakes can happen but the benefits outweigh the negatives of having this security protocol in place. In fact, you’ll notice many free social networking sites like Facebook also have similar lockout or verification processes to authenticate the actual intended user in the case of multiple incorrect login attempts or even logging in correctly from a different computer (IP address).

We realize this can be an inconvenience but you’ll gain an appreciation for having this safeguard when you think “how does this look to a computer?” It looks like someones trying to break into your site by guessing passwords. Log into your site from a friend or family member’s computer sometime or from a computer in a different country and you’ll be glad there’s authentication protocols built into the software preventing unauthorized access.