Our WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) IP Address Unblocker is the newest addition to our family of plugins. It allows you to easily unblock a computer’s IP address if it was blocked by our system’s security software. An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a series of numbers assigned to each different computer. Most commonly an IP address gets blocked by attempting to login incorrectly 3 or more times. This plugin will save you time. We created it to make it easier and more convenient for you to correct this immediately on your end without needing to contact us.

The IP Address Unblocker is already installed on our servers. There’s nothing you need to download for you to begin using this. If you failed to login correctly on any computer or mobile device, simply log in to our billing system and at the top left you’ll see the UNBLOCK button. Click it and you’ll have 3 more opportunities to login correctly from the IP address you are attempting to do so on. You now have the power to unblock!! No ring to find in a semi-active volcano necessary.

The 2by2host Team