Drupal hosting

Drupal is indeed one of the finest content management platforms. It's user-friendly and is very well indexed by the search engines. It is also great as a blogging tool whether it's political, romance, technology, humor, sports, culture, or art. You name it. There are now close to 1 million bloggers but not all of them use Drupal, so make Drupal be your choice and get ahead!

Some of the features include:

  • Collaborative Book - set up a book like content and then authorize others to contribute to it
  • Friendly URLs - search engine and user friendly page addresses
  • Modules - tons of cool additional features via Drupal moduels
  • Online help - very decent help system on how to use Drupal
  • Role based permissions system - organize users into groups in a very reasonable fashion

If you ask us we will install Drupal for you on your site and you can start using it right away. It is a good idea to create a dev sub-domain and use that for testing purposes. If you are more adventures and would like to install Drupal yourself. It is very easy to do so from your hosting control panel. There's an icon there labeled "Fantastico De Luxe" (blue smiley face near the bottom) just click on that and then click on Drupal link from the list and follow simple wizard. Other hosting companies call this "one-click installation" There are a lot of other programs to choose from.

We selected two of our hosting packages that will make a perfect fit for your Drupal site

Recommended Drupal Hosting Packages:

GoEasy - $6.75/mo - order

Basic self-managed hosting

MSH - $45/mo - order

Managed hosting
  • Unlimited Disk Space *
  • Unlimited Bandwidth **
  • Unlimited File Transfer **
  • Unlimited Email Accounts****
  • Unlimited Domains ***
  • Unlimited Sub-domains
  • International Domain Name Support
  • Mac/Windows/Unix compatible
  • Google Analytics compatible
  • 24/7 Ticket Tech Support
  • Hosting Control Panel
  • Free Setup

Order Drupal hosting now

* The initial space we allocate is 4GB. Please, let us know when you need it increased.
** The initial bandwidth we allocate is 2GB. Please, let us know when you need it increased.
*** We do not recommend having more that 3 domains per account for performance reasons.
****The email service is complimentary for any hosting account and there are no guarantees of any sorts or any top-of-the-line SPAM filtering. Ask us about dedicated solutions if you need business-class email service.