2by2host was founded in early 2006 and started its mission by working with Open Source products.

Our initial idea was to provide affordable hosting with development services. We had a very successful start and received many requests from our hosting customers to have development work done for their sites. We began building our own team of developers and designers to accommodate our growing web community.

Up to this day we have completed over 1,000 projects in the Open Source industry, contributed themes and mods for open source products that are now being used by thousands of sites, acquired another web hosting company and teamed up with a language translation agency.

Our hosting packages are suitable for a business as well as an individual site. Our customers benefit from lower hourly rates for development and design and our affiliate program has a few very helpful features to promote your site. These features are only available to our customers!

Due to the large variety of complex software products on the market we have decided to develop our own alternatives and Open Source applications that are very light in size and simple to use. Among them are: weather informer, database management utility, content and project management systems and web hosting server management application.

Today we are working on a lot of interesting projects. Two of them are a video bookmarking service that will allow people to organize videos from any resource and a simple but powerful content management system that will be compatible with various designs. We also constantly work with our business customers to mutually help each other grow.