“Created single sign-on for the main site with the forum and cross browser ability to play videos. Upgraded and designed the new phpBB3 forum for NYC based video and music portal.”,
“homedigz.com” => “Built a complete online community for home improvement and decor with a directory and phpBB3 forum.”,
“foro.forosx.com” => “Created an escort directory with phpBB3 forum and design for an Italy based agency.”,
“luthiersforum.com” => “Converted from WebWiz to phpBB3 an online guitar community. Created a new ad management system and template for phpBB3.”,
“jotrust.co.uk” => “Upgraded to phpBB3 forum with a new theme and installed multiple mods for the forum of England based online cancer research organization.”,
“kompamagazine.com” => “Upgraded to phpBB3 forum and created a better ad management system for online Haitian entertainment industry magazine.”,



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