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"nopic %%% Penny %%% bodymindspiritguide.com %%%

Hey guys….you have no idea how hard it is to find a great web developer, I wasted so much time and money. I have now been with you all few years and I just wanted to say, to everyone at 2by2 Thank you all so much for a beautiful site, with all the function I need, and great service you always provide. I truly appreciate it.


"nopic %%% John O. %%% mobilemarketingnews.com %%%

The services we receive by 2by2 over the last two years have been like having a full time member of staff sat in the office. They have never let us down with their prompt service to queries. It is
one of the more stressful decisions allowing a third party to host your business and to trust. Our business is built around the website I would have no problem in recommending this company to othe


"nopic %%% Margot %%% residentnews.net %%%

I just wanted thank 2by2 for all their support and dedication to our website. They just helped us complete a total revamp of our website that is fantastic. Their hosting services are reliable and they are very responsive to their customers needs and problems. Five Stars!!!


"nopic %%% Gene %%% followersofthewayforum.com %%%

Shalom Aleichem,
These guys are very professional, much liked, dependable and trustworthy. It's fun, satisfying, and great doing business with them. I recommend them highly. Selah;
Administrator FOTW


"nopic %%% Toff Freeland %%% telluricsonline.com %%%

As a complete neophyte to web design, creation and management, professional help was clearly required. Over a two-year period – due to my financial constraints – 2by2 came in trumps and developed a pleasing, functional end-product.


"nopic %%% Ken Proulx %%% amceaglesden.com %%%

With this company a form or a work sheet or schedule would be nice to have, when dealing with my customers or users, who want to be in the know.


"nopic %%% Mike Scott %%% nemonews.net %%%

Have I told you how great you guys are? You are. Thanks! And thanks for doing such a good job with us and our site and always being on the ball. You're always on top of our issues, no matter how pressing or even at times ridiculous. Anyway, THANK YOU, again. 😉


"nopic %%% Alex Baker %%% costaricaticas.com %%%

The whole team at 2by2 Hosting – Jaime in particular – are outstanding! Their technical expertise, prompt service response and overall professionalism has become an invaluable asset to our business!

Choosing 2by2 has been one of the smartest choices we've made thus far – they truly go above and beyond


"davidh %%% David Hoheisel %%% icefishohio.com %%%

I am the owner of www.icefishohio.com and I am writing this referral for the guy's at 2by2host.com because they are always there when I need them because I don't no anything about computers! My site has really taken off since I moved my site to them. I started my site 3 years ago and had no idea how to place ads on my site or to keep it up and running. I still don't because they do everything for me which allows me to sell more advertising and to get out and ice fish. When I need help, I just send them an email and they either fix it or tell me what I need to do to fix it. If you are like me and need help. I highly recommend all the Guy's at 2by2host.com!


"nopic %%% Mona Zelienka %%% especiallyforyou.com %%%

2by2host had done an incredible job transitioning my site from the old company and old system to their fantastic new one.


"nopic %%% David Ellis %%% parkofthesierras.com %%%

This novice webmaster has received prompt and helpful responses to all questions. 2by2host.com is so good at customer support that we have abandoned other hosting companies in favor of transferring our domains to 2by2host.com


"lizstewart %%% Liz Stewart %%% stewartandassociates.com %%%

2by2host always responds promptly and always gets the work done quickly and accurately. Everyone we have dealt with is knowledgeable and friendly and doesn't laugh at our lack of technical knowledge! For a non-technical person, it is wonderful to know that I can count on them to do what is needed to keep my site running smoothly. I highly recommend them.


"nopic %%% Des Delatorre %%% forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com %%%

2by2host are an excellent host, all the guys are extremely helpful and have no problems at all helping where needed. Highly recommended.


"karent %%% Karen Thomas %%% petitepetpills.com %%%

I can rely on 2by2 host to get to the root of any problem I'm having with my website – most problems occur with the ecommerce portion, and since I want to make sure my customers never have a negative experience, I know that in a pinch – I can turn to 2by2 host and it will get fixed, very quickly. Their staff is knowledgeable and very professional. The service is top-notch.


"nopic %%% Robert Kiser %%% occupywenatcheevalley.org %%%

Great service, support, and development. I'm glad I chose 2BY2HOST.COM as my hosting choice.


/* "nopic %%% Mike Stack %%% go2ground.com %%%

George and the boys have been wonderful!

", */

"nopic %%% Chris White %%% melanotanhq.com %%%

2by2host exceeded expectations spring 2012. I want to commend the team for their excellent communication & problem solving ability. Look forward to future workings with 2by2!


"nopic %%% David %%% channel19movies.com %%%

I moved my domains to 2by2host because they offer technical support that is superior to the much larger host I abandoned. Their response to questions is remarkably quick, accurate, and helpful to someone who is not particularly hosting savvy. Among the hosts with which I am familiar, I rate 2by2host's support as excellent.


"tedf %%% Ted Fleming %%% tbsn1.com %%%

I have been dealing with any number of hosting companies the last 15 years and I have found a permanent home with 2by2host. Unlike Yahoo and others where customer service is just a motto, 2by2host really lives up to it. Thanks for everything you do guys!


"petew %%% Pete Whitridge %%% afmte.org %%%

This group has great service and is always available quickly. We solved my login problems with just a few back and forth emails, then fixed. Great job! I appreciate the time you took with me one our other project. Your group has excellent customer service, great rates, and a staff that cares about the product. Let me know how I can promote your business!


"brenda %%% Brenda Bigbee %%% forum.darcyandlizzy.com %%%

To a person who is not a computer whiz, it is daunting to find yourself with a blog and a forum that is growing by leaps and bounds and you do not have anyone to help you. That was my dilemma. I tried hiring local programmers to do upgrades and changes but they had bigger jobs which took precedent, and I fully understand that. I found 2by2host.com on the internet and they have been the answer to all my needs. Not only have they accomplished all that I have asked of them, they did it quickly and for a reasonable price. Their customer service is second to none as they make sure you are satisfied. And it seems they work round the clock, as I have gotten answers to my emails at night and on weekends.If you need honest, fast service at a good price, look no further. I'm glad I found them and you will be too.


"dawnali %%% Dawn Ali %%% dawnali.com/lovinmysistas/ %%%

To anyone thinking about using the services of 2by2host.com I highly recommend that you go ahead and choose them. They are one of the most professional businesses I've had the pleasure of working with in my life, both on and off of the internet. I am very pleased with the finished product of my website, and their customer service is EXCELLENT!


"nicolem %%% Nicole Methot %%% nicolemethot.com %%%

2by2host has helped me finally put together my first website! They are so helpful and really respond to each and every question you have. They are so easy to correspond with via email and by phone and seem to be available all the time! They respond courteously, professionally and very quickly to all of my questions and advise me of how each project is coming along. I am most impressed with how quickly it all came together!


"lancek %%% Lance Kragenbrink %%% luthiersforum.com/forum/ %%%

You went well above and beyond of your call-of-duty. At this point a lot of projects have been successfully finished by you migration from the old Webwiz forum, setting us up with initial shared and then advanced dedicated hosting and building custom applications for our site.


"susans %%% Susan Smith %%% n/a %%%

I started with a rather complicated vision for a new online community. The 2by2Host team was able to intepret the site requirements (there were many) into a new and unique way to use phpBB. On top of it all, I had never used phpBB before. I'm happy with how the site turned out, and in the first 3 weeks of beta launch, we already have over 40 members. I'm looking forward to adding functionality as the site grows.


"michael_andrew %%% Michael Andrew %%% michaelthemaven.com %%%

I found 2 By 2 host when I ran into some issues with another programmer. I was looking for some very difficult and specialized customizations for my forum and couldnt find anyone who could do it. 2 by 2 assured me they could not only do it, but do it quickly. I was very pleased to discover that they were very on top of things, the project was completed very quickly and I learned that they are quite capable of just about any type of programming needs I had. I have used them countless times now for various projects and they have come through every time. I have found them to be reliable, quick, excellent communicators and offering outstanding customer service. I would recommend their services to anyone.


"rrosen %%% Rick Rosen %%% massage.net %%%

I needed a custom template created for a new Simple Machines Forum we were installing on our site. 2by2host.com did the work quickly, accurately, and with some of the best customer service I've ever received. The work was delivered on time and on budget, which allowed us to meet our deadlines and get our enhanced site up and running. What more could you ask for?


"leeudon %%% Lee %%% udonmap.com %%%

I've been a 2by2host customer for a couple of years now and I'm very happy with the service they provide. The 2by2host team are highly skilled web developers who work beyond the call of duty. I would highly recommend this team for reliable phpbb customization work.


"fadik %%% Fadi Khaddam %%% bitseek.org %%%

1. Indeed your service is as good as i expected
2. I would scale you with maximum grade as in 10! 🙂
3. I haven't recommended you yet but i will surely do that on any occasion I'll have.


“gregf %%% Greg Fisher %%% dinersnation.com %%%

2by2host has been the most reliable, yet affordable web development company
I've worked with. I struggled to find a company to deliver consistent
results for the longest time. I spent countless hours researching the
internet, but fell short on three different occasions. I currently operate
two websites (dinersnation.com and travelersnation.com) that 2by2host has
helped provide development and support. This company will take your
business to the next level with their commitment to quality and service.


“joanna %%% Joanna Smith %%% dacsnow.com %%%

A strong team with even stronger support; that’s Atlantic Silicon, Inc. aka 2by2host.com for you! I came across this unique group during the late summer of 2008 and since then they have become my extended professional family. In addition to always being there with strong technical support, even on weekends and holidays, they have provided valuable services above and beyond the call of duty. Including advice on subjects from “How do I?” to questions about servers, software, integrations, company direction, and general “What If?” scenarios. Their strong team support is always on your side to help you build your company from its foundation carrying you all the way through to its final production. And when you’ve reached the top – they’re still there! Their services are backed by a strong knowledge base, trust, technical advances, and strong loyalty to you and your Company’s goals. When your Company needs strong support and advanced IT services, they are there when you need them.


“nopic %%% Jacques S.Mailloux %%% CAPACanada.ca %%%

Excellent service, and quite fast!


“barry %%% Barry Chickini %%% brighterskys.com %%%

Excellent response to questions, emails, etc and very prompt resolutions. Extremely satisfied!


“nopic %%% Bass %%% gtcmusic.com %%%

2by2host have been managing all my needs when it comes to customizing and fixing my websites for years. extremely knowledgeable, fast, honest and very reasonable with pricing. I highly recommend them.


“nopic %%% Jimmy Stephans %%% jambababes.com %%%

Alex and crew took extra time to walk me through many tiny issues that most others would not have paid attention to. Also, follow-up questions — even weeks after service done and payment was made — are answered promptly.


“mel %%% Mel and Gail %%% paranormal and psychic phenomena %%%

It's always a pleasure to do business with 2by2host.com. Thank you for taking the worry away for us in maintaining a website and helping in a constructive, easy to understand (without technical jargon!), friendly manner. We highly recommend your service, as you have always provided excellent customer service and have dealt with any modification we have asked in a very prompt and efficient time frame. You can't beat 2byhost.com for outstanding customer service, quality and quantity at a very reasonable price! In Appreciation,


“flamenco %%% Jason McGuire %%% flamencodiscussion.com %%%

You guys run a great hosting company…. Godaddy or web.com can't come close to the personal support you guys offer. I really appreciate that.



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