by George Yatsiv, 2by2host

Is your SSL valid?

This certificate in fact is valid and your connection is secured. This means that all data you exchange with our server is protected and nobody except you and our server know what you do in the cPanel.

But why do I get the “untrusted” message?

It looks untrusted to third-parties authorities. This is true, because the certificate was issued by us and but not them and they just can't verify it.

Disabling that annoying SSL reminder:

In FireFox

If you see the “This Connection is Untrusted” message

  1. Please click on “I understand the risks”
  2. and then click on the “Add exception” button that will appear
  3. Make sure the “Permanently store this exception” check-box is checked
  4. Click on “Confirm this security exception”

This will add our certificate to your operating system permanently and will not warn you anymore again for that particular site

In Internet Explorer

  1. Download our certificates: one, two
  2. Extract the certificates from the archive to your hard disk
  3. Open Internet Explorer, select Tools and Internet Options
  4. Select the Content tab and click the Certificates button
  5. In the new Certificates window select the Trusted Root Certification Authorities tab
  6. Click Import…, Next, then select whmcertificate.crt, click Next and Finish
  7. When asked if you want to import a new certificate click YES
  8. Restart Internet Explorer

By the way, 2by2host offers FREE SSL installations to our managed shared hosting or GoEasy hosting plan customers. However, they need to buy an SSL certificate beforehand, which can be also done from 2by2host for $50 a year. The installation cost for non-hosting customers is $25 + the cost of the certificate.