Drupal nodes

In Drupal all content is considered nodes. This applies to any page, posting, poll, text, blog entry or forum. This kind of approach introduces certain flexibility when creating content on your Drupal site. It also makes it very easy to apply new changes or features to all content at once.

The nodes module manages these nodes in the background. The Drupal nodes module allows you to do the following:

  1. Create new or manage already existing content types. You can also configure and list it.
  2. Set parameters of how how the posts are displayed
  3. Manipulate (sort through, list, manage) the entire content of your Drupal site

The idea of “content types” allows creation of nodes for various purposes. A good example is a “book page” or “story” contents, each are used for their own special purposes.

Drupal content can be manipulated in the following fashion:

  1. Access permissions can be set for various nodes here: Administer – User management – Access control
  2. Search through or for the content can be done through the Drupal search
  3. Node administration can be done here: Administer – Content management – Content
  4. Configuration of the workflow and some other settings for each node can be done here: Administer – Content management – Content types
  5. Configuration of the number of nodes that are displayed on the main page and the length of shorten posts can be done here: Administer – Content management – Post settings

This manual applies to Drupal 5.x and Drupal 6.x