To prevent your domain being blacklisted or blocked by email providers the following steps should be taken.

Steps to follow

  1. Make sure you have SPF (sender policy framework) and Domain Keys enabled for your domain(s). This can be done from you hosting control panel. From the control panel click on the “Email Authentication” icon. From the next screen you will be able to enable both SPF and Domain Keys for your domain(s).
  2. Here's a good article on SPF records at Wikipedia –
    Here's an articles on Domain Keys –

  3. If you are going to set up email lists on your account. Make sure they are “clean”. What we mean by that is the emails on your list should be from people who voluntarily agreed to receive emails from you. Make sure your unsubscribe process is easy and there's an unsubscribe link in every email.
  4. Always use a double-opt-in sign up process. Which is basically asking the same question twice to make user your recipients understand that they will be receiving an email from you and not make any mistakes.

Other smart options

  1. Separate your emails from your site. Either get a dedicated IP address that will only be used for emails or get another web hosting package that you will only use for emails.
  2. Use another domain for emails. For example if you have register and use This way all your email communications will be separate from your site
  3. Use a service to send emails out like Constant Contact. This way your domain will be well protected and you can also easily manage your list through them.
  4. Sign up for a Gmail account and map it to your domain to send emails that way. We have a hosting package and instructions on how to do that