I had to create a database using MySQL Database Wizard which I found in my cPanel >> Databases field.

There were several easy steps I had to follow:

1. I made up a name for the database.

2. In the next step I had to make up a username to access the database and generate a password. Note that my cPanel login was automatically added to the name of the database.

It is important to generate the password to make it more secure.

3. In the third step I had to give all privileges to the user I had added. There was information about the user with the same prefix as the database, and the password at the top.

I carefully wrote down the database name, the database user and the password in the notes.txt file. Later I needed this information for the installation of the script.

4. I went to the Databases >> MySQL Databases to see the databases I had created.

There I saw some information about my database and its usert, but I couldn’t find the password. In fact, it isn’t written anywhere except for my notes.txt file, that is why it is very important to write it down.