by Leah Webber, cPanel guide

After I created several email accounts, I was ready to receive emails from people and customers, but having a lot of email account got me into a trouble of checking all these new mail boxes. I’ve found a way out by creating email forwarders in cPanel.

When you create a forwarder, you make emails from one email account come to another. If you have several accounts, you can forward them all to one email and check your mail, which would simplify things greatly. Remember that the mail will be copied to the destination account, so you’ll have to delete mail both from the forwarded account and from the destination account.

Well, forwarding turned out to be very easy: I only had to find the icon “Forwarder” in the “Mail” section and click on it.

Next, I clicked on “Add Forwarder”

I was taken to the page where I had to type in the first part of the address which I want to forward and the destination address which will receive all my mail.

I clicked the “Add Forwarder” button on the bottom and the message about a successful operation came up.

I clicked the “Go back” button to see if the forwarder has been created.