As I have created my blog, I had a default page called “About”. I didn’t know about it because it was not displayed on the main page of the blog.

I logged into my Administration Panel. I clicked on the “Pages” button in the left sidebar. First I had to edit the default page.

I saw the status of the page right under the title “edit pages”. I hovered a mouse over the name of the page and clicked edit. The dialogue for creating pages is the same as the one for posts. I edited the content of the page. In the right sidebar there is the “attributes” column. I had only one page, so I couldn’t select the parent page so far. I changed the order of the page because it is important what page my readers would see first.

I added some more pages. It is convenient that I can edit “Pages” in bulk. This function is not available with categories and tags. I clicked “Pages” to see the list of my pages. I selected necessary pages. There was the “bulk actions” drop-down menu. I clicked on the arrow and selected the “edit” function. I clicked “Apply”.

I saw the options I could change for the selected pages. To see your pages displayed learn how to add widgets.