This problem didn’t bother me when I was creating my first WordPress blog. Fantastico automatic installation was able to locate it only to a subdirectory. My blog had the address As there was nothing on my site except the wordpress blog, it was not good from the point of view of branding and search engine optimization to have nothing on the root folder, or to have people remember the longer name of my blog. Besides, Google ranked my site lower because it was located in subdirectory ( of my site instead of the root directory (

Sooner or later, most bloggers think of changing the default installation of their blogs. I tried all the ways suggested. But the best thing was to decide from the beginning where to locate your blog. So, when I had the next blog installed, I tried to avoid the mistake.

  1. I uploaded and extracted the archive as described in “How to upload and extract archives using the File Manager”.
  2. I entered the directory containing all wordpress files and selected all. I moved them into public_html folder.
  3. I finished the installation as described in “How to install wordpress”.

1. I uploaded and extracted all the files of wordpress archive to my public_html folder which is the root folder in my hosting account. Details of the procedure read in the article “How to upload and extract archives using the File Manager?” If I finished the process of installation at this step, all the files would be located at public_html/wordpress folder. That meant they would have the address My task was to move all the files from the wordpress folder to the public_html folder.

2. I entered the wordpress folder by double-clicking its icon. I selected all the files inside the wordpress folder. I clicked on the “Move file” icon.

3. In the next dialogue I had to type in the path (public_html) for the files to move. I pressed “Move files”.

That’s it! Done! The only thing left is to finish installation as it is described in “How to install WordPress using cPanel?”

Note that the above steps assume you have not yet installed your wordpress blog.