Some older versions of WordPress do not support “one-click” theme installation from the admin panel of your site. In this case, it is easy to install a WordPress theme from the cPanel of your web hosting account. This is probably the fastest and the most reliable way as you don’t need a third-side program and even don’t have to unzip the theme archive. It is not even necessary to know your FTP logins.

  1. In my cPanel I entered the File Manager under the “Files” section. I expanded folders public_html — > myblog (optional) — > wp-content — > themes.
  2. I downloaded the theme onto my hard disk. There is no need to unzip it.
  3. I found the icon “Upload” in the File Manager and uploaded the theme to the themes directory.
  4. I clicked on the “Extract” button to unzip the theme archive.
  5. I returned to the admin area of my WordPress site and found the recently installed theme there. I clicked on it to activate it.