The popularity of a blog depends on how many people had a chance to notice, to read and to subscribe to your blog. Popular social networks, like Twitter simplify blog advertising greatly and enlarge my audience.

  1. 1. I searched for the plugin.
  2. 2. I selected the plugin “Twitter Tools” and downloaded it from
  3. 3. I installed the plugin to my blog.
  4. 4. I activated the plugin “Twitter Tools” in my admin area by checking the boxes next to this plugin and by applying the bulk action: “activate”.
  5. 5. I entered Settings — > Twitter Tools in the admin panel. I typed in my twitter account information. I configured the other options as I liked. There is an option to create posts from your tweets and I switched it off.

I excluded some categories from Twitter.

In the Appearance — > Widgets — > I found the “Twitter Tools” widget and dragged it to the Sidebar 1.

Now I can publish to twitter from the sidebar of my blog. It also can display my recent tweets. But it doesn’t display tweets that were created from posts.

I can also publish to twitter from the admin panel. Posts — > tweet subpanel appeared there.

When publishing a post, I can also specify if I would like to publish post to Twitter right under the Categories.

6. I was satisfied with the results. There were three tweets published from different places in my blog.

The tweet from post had tweet prefix (1) I configured in Settings — > Twitter Tools, the name of the post (2), the URL of the post (3), and the tag (4).

The URL of the post can be shortened with The option is supported by Twitter Tools and can be activated in Settings — > Twitter Tools.