Transferring your site from NetFirms to 2by2host

There are two ways of doing that: 1). complicated and 2). very complicated for an average user. Decide which one to use based on your experience. The steps are the following:

Easy and fast transfer from NetFirms to 2by2host

  • First of all you need to enable SSH. To do that log in to your account and go to “Hosting > Settings > SSH > Enable”.
  • Login to SSH and create a tar archive of the domain you're going to transfer
  • Copy created tar archive to a publicly visible folder on your website:

    cp archive.tar.gz /public_html/

  • Once copied you need to download the archive and copy it from the old server to us

    wget -c

  • Now it's time to create a dump of a database connected to your website (if any)

    /usr/local/nf/bin/mysqldump -e –force –quick -h mysqlhost -u Username -pPassword DatabseName > BackupFile.sql


    mysql -u Username -pPassword DatabseName > BackupFile.sql

  • Once we are on our server we need to unpack the downloaded file into the home directory of a domain

    tar -xvf archive.tar.gz

  • After we unpacked the archive we need to make sure the permissions of the transferred websites are correct

    chown username:usergroup * -R

  • If there were any databases, create them using cpanel
  • Change DB(s) login and site path settings in website's files (if any)
  • Import downloaded databases into created ones on our server

    mysql -u Username -pPassword DatabseName < BackupFile.sql