To recover password for wordpress is easy. I clicked “Forgot password?” link in the log-in form. I had to input my username (it could also be e-mail) and wait for the message to come to the e-mail box that was registered in my user profile. WordPress prompted me to check the email.

In the mail I received the link and clicked on it. That was made for the sake of safety. As soon as I clicked the link, WordPress displayed another message.

In my email box I found another mail with the new password.

Once I entered the site, I had to change the automatically generated password for an easier one in my profile.

The task is getting more difficult if I forget not only the password, but also my administrator username and the e-mail – the one I got registered in the site. It is impossible to recover it by means of WordPress. But I could easily retrieve it through the databases where all information about my WordPress site is stored.

I entered cPanel — > databases — > phpMyAdmin.

In phpMyAdmin I selected the database domatest_wrdpr1 – the one used by my WordPress blog. There I selected the table “wp-users” and clicked on the “browse” icon.

I found my username and clicked on the “pencil” – the “edit” button.

Next step was to change the password. I could also change the name and the e-mail address by simply typing them in proper fields. The password in database looks very unusual because it is encrypted. I typed in the new password I was going to use, and it was automatically encrypted. When I typed in a password, I had to select the “MD5” function. I pressed “Go”.

In a new tab I opened my site and entered it with the new name and password.