Sometimes it is important to insert a youtube video into your blog post.

I tried and found it was easy for me to do it.

I searched for the video I wanted to publish. In the right sidebar I found the line: “embed” and clicked inside the box with the code. The code immediately got highlighted and I could copy it. But first I clicked the button next to the code and saw the drop-down dialogue. There I could select color of the border, size and some other parameters.

I entered my blog — > wp-admin — > posts — > add new and switched to HTML code.

I pasted the code I had copied on You Tube.

I clicked “publish” and that’s it! The video is available on the pages of my blog.

I want to add some text, so I switched to the visual mode. The embedded video was displayed like a square shape and I typed in the text after that shape.

Do you see only visual mode and can’t switch to the HTML mode? Go to users — > your profile. Un-check the box in the upper line of your profile.

This is how it looks like in my blog.