About the service

You might have a site that needs constant care and maintenance. A good example would be an application like Drupal, phpBB, SMF, WordPress, etc that needs constant updates or you might need a team that will always be there when you need them.

Your current hosting provider might not know how to fix your issues or why your site is overloading their server or what software to recommend to you or why your site looks different in various web browsers.

These are all common problems and not every provider knows what to do about them other than recommending you to move to a dedicated server (which will not address the root of the problem) or just move elsewhere far from their servers.

For a good quality dedicated server you’ll be paying over $200 a month. The first question that will come up is “who will manage that for you?” You will need to manage it on a daily basis. There will be constant break-in attempts, vulnerability exploits, network issues, other annoying issues that take hours to resolve, compatibility issues and of course spammers. On top of that you will need a disaster recovery plan and a solid backup solution.

That’s why we came up with our managed shared hosting plan. We encourage people to switch to this plan and start breathing freely.

MSH (Managed Shared Hosting) package offers you all of the benefits of dedicated hosting but also includes server management (value of $300 a month) and limited extendable application support.

Order MSH package for only $45 a month

Note: You will be redirected to our billing system at billing.2by2host.com Do not worry that's where our billing system resides. Select a new or an existing domain and then the package billing cycle from the drop-down on the next page. Keep following the prompts to complete your order.

What's included

In addition our MSH package includes manual monitoring service. We create a 2by2host admin account on your site and one of our technicians will check your software and the mods and will also make recommendations as far as where potential problems might be. If you do get hacked for some reason we will make your site operational again and let you know what needs to be done to avoid this in the future. We also encourage strong passwords for all accounts on your system.

In some cases there might be additional upgrade costs if the implementation time goes above the 30 minutes a month but we would get your approval first. The 30 minutes can also be swapped out to any of the development, design or search engine optimization services that we offer instead of the monitoring/update service.

With MSH hosting package you qualify for our $50 an hour rate for design, development and SEO optimization. Any other services can be also discussed.