How to optimize performance of your site and why it is important?

How quickly your site loads is directly relevant to how long a user will stay on your site. Slow sites are frustrating and can be also putting a large load on the server.

Follow the steps below to go over all important checks to determine where the problem is.

  1. Check your error logs. You will see what pages have problems or are no longer available. Fixing those errors will decrease the load on the server and will prevent search engine from indexing your errors. All these will make your site works faster
  2. Check your database. If your site is using a database look for very large tables, tables with errors and error log tables. It's amazing how much junk you can find that is slowing down your site
  3. Check the size of your files. This especially applies to graphics files. Their size should be as little as possible w/o the quality loss or at least noticeable quality loss.
  4. Check what external scrips your pages are loading. Some of your pages might have code in them that calls and loads information from external resources. If the external resource is slow or down then it will affect the loading of your page. See if this information can be cached. This would drastically improve the page load.
  5. Check how you send your emails. Why put an email load on your site when you can use another external service and in some cases even a free one like Gmail or Yahoo. This will also cut down on your bandwidth usage
  6. You can always ask us to do a report for your site for $75 that will show the areas that need improvement. We can also make the necessary changes for you for an additional estimate.