As I logged in to my admin panel, I could immediately post something or edit the default post which was made by the system as an example.

I clicked on the arrow next to the first option – “posts”, and then on the option “edit” in the submenu. I clicked “edit” under the name of the default post “Hello, world!”.

Editing post was easy as if I was working with the Word. I typed in new text of the post. I did everything in the “Visual” layout, and it was translated into HTML automatically. There is a “publish” section and the “post tags” area on the right side of my admin panel.

I can save my posts as a draft without publishing them immediately or make the post visible to me only, in the publishing option.

I can change the date when to publish my post.

Post tag function lets me add one or more tags to my post or to search among the existing tags.

Click on the x next to the tag to exclude that tag and leave the boxes next to the category unchecked to exclude the category.

I saved changes in my post by clicking “Update post” in the publish section.

The “view post” link appeared above the heading of the post.

I viewed my post to make sure everything was ok.