The location of the CSR and CRT files is in:

The location of the KEY file is in:

How to generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request) in WHM:

How to buy and install an SSL certificate on your site

Step 0: Prepare your domain

Your site has to have a dedicated IP address in order for the SSL certificate to work. You get a free dedicated IP address with our MSH hosting package.

  1. Go to WHM > IP Functions > Change Site's IP Address
  2. Assign an available IP address to your domain

Step 1: Create a signing request

This is something your server will generate, so that you would submit it to SSL registrar that will generate your SSL certificate.

  1. Go to WHM > “Generate a SSL Certificate and Signing Request”
  2. Fill out the form and make sure you don't enter any password
  3. Save entered details in a notepad file to use in the Step3
  4. Make sure you tick the email checkbox and enter valid address to get a copy of the generated CSR in your email
  5. Make sure the email address in the Cert Info block is valid
  6. Copy and paste the generated CSR into a notepad file

Step 2: Buy the certificate

  1. Goto to Enom
  2. Enter the domain name exactly in the same format you've entered in the Step1 and check out

Step 3: Configuring SSL certificate

  1. Go to the SSL management section in ENOM and choose from the list the one you just purchased
  2. In the certificate request section paste the CSR you saved in the notepad f ile
  3. For the server type question answer Apache + Mod SSL
  4. In the owner section enter exactly the same details you saved in the notepad file (just copy them)
  5. Submit the form and ask the customer to click on the confirmation link in the email he/she will receive and forward any emails from the SSL issuer to us

Step 4: Installing certificate in WHM

  1. Get the CRT file from the customer after he/she clicked on the confirmation link or
  2. Go to the manage SSL section and choose the domain the SSL was issued for
  3. Go to the “Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain” and paste the copied CRT
  4. Press the fetch button and then click Submit.
  5. SSL certificate is now installed and no Apache restart is needed for that