I created categories, tags and pages, but I didn’t see the list of them on my site.

I had to create menus in the sidebar of my blog which would provide an easy access to my content. All these menus have been already created for me by wordpress. I had to only activate it with widgets. Widgets are sections in the sidebars of your site. You can easily add them, remove and rename widgets in the admin panel — > appearance –> widgets.

Drag and drop the necessary widget to the destination side bar. If you have three-column theme, then you will see two sidebars in the “widgets” section.

Each widget has a drop-down menu. The name of the widget can’t be changed for wordpress, but you can change it for the readers of your blog by typing in the title. The title will be displayed as the name of the widget in your blog.

Don’t forget to click save each time.

What widgets to add?

If you have created tags, categories and pages, and you want readers to see them, add the correspondent widgets.

I would advise to add the “meta” widget because it has link to admin area and the log in/log out link. You can even put some text in your sidebar. This can be an advertising or an announcement.

This is how my sidebar looks now.