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Screenshots taken from ChatRoulette sessions. See what others pay attention to.

“Speedy Gonzalez”,
“Clipboard01-hat.jpg” => “Let's share a joint”,
“Clipboard01-hat2.jpg” => “Frat boys”,
“Clipboard01-hat3.jpg” => “Toy story”,
“Clipboard01-hat4.jpg” => “Me on top”,
“Clipboard01-hat5.jpg” => “Sixth element”,
“Clipboard01-hat6.jpg” => “Happy girls”,
“Clipboard01-hat7.jpg” => “I'd like to meet you”,
“Clipboard01-hat8.jpg” => “One BIG thumb up”,
“Clipboard01-protivogaz.jpg” => “Thumb up from the same life form”,
“Clipboard02-family.jpg” => “You win our hearts”,
“Clipboard02.jpg” => “I like your stripes”,
“crapper.jpg” => “Chat from the toilet”,
“eating.jpg” => “I eat and I chat”,
“family-2.jpg” => “Me and my GF”,
“freak-2.jpg” => “You look good on my iPhone”,
“freak.jpg” => “Les Jacondo”,
“fun.jpg” => “py St. Patrick's day”,
“futbolka.jpg” => “I like your style!”,
“guy-hand.jpg” => “I don't want any aliens in my hood”,
“hello-3.jpg” => “Stay away from me weirdo”,
“last-night-playing.jpg” => “I have you on my film now”,
“pluto.jpg” => “We'd like to go out with you!”,
“russian-freak-day.jpg” => “Now that's what I call cool style”,
“smile.jpg” => “No words – just smile.”,
“spanish.jpg” => “What the …?”,
“strangeblack.jpg” => “My nigga!!!”,


$i = 0;

foreach($pics as $key=>$value) {

ChatRoulette Screenshot #$i


ChatRoulette Screenshot: $value