When I first logged into my hosting account, there was no such folder as mydomain.com. I was puzzled where to upload files of my site. I entered Files — > File Manager

I knew that I had to upload it to the root folder, but there was no root folder either.

I found out that it was called otherwise; in most cases it is called the “public_html” folder. Everything stored in this folder can be seen on the web. Not every file, of course, only the files which can be “read” by web browser. There is also the folder called “www” which is simply the link to the “public_html” folder.

Everything I uploaded to the public_html reflected immediately in the “www” folder and appeared in the web. On the contrary, the domain, for example, www.mydomain.com, showed the content of the www folder which was in my hosting account (in fact, it was the content of my public_html folder).

There were also other folders in my cPanel File Manager, like “mail”, where all my emails were stored, or “etc”. I was careful not to touch the default folders of my account.