Where is the admin panel?

Well, the hardest part – the installation – was over, so I was about to write interesting and unique posts in my blog. I typed in the address – testing.2by2host.com/myblog/ and saw the home page with the default post “Hello, world!”. There was no place to type in text. So, I logged in as admin (using the password I received during the installation) and saw the link to the administration area of the site. When I entered it, I saw the hidden part of wordpress site from where I could manage my blog. Nobody except me and some people whom I give permissions, can enter it. The admin panel can be accessed either through the sidebar link (1) or through the address line by simply typing in wp-admin part (2): www.testing.2by2host.com/myblog/wp-admin/. All the content of my blog can be deleted and edited from the admin panel (wp-admin) so it should be thoroughly protected.

Admin area: let’s have a look around

Managing blog with wordpress admin area is very simple as it has intuitive interface.

At the top there was the name of my site and the “Visit site” link (1). I could also enter my profile and edit it (change the password to the admin area, add more information from the top of the admin panel (2). There is also a quick way to publish posts and other content on your web blog (3).

In the left sidebar I found the main navigation menu (4). Each main function in the menu has a hovering arrow which is presented on hovering a mouse upon it. By clicking it, the submenu for each function drops down. The central part of the admin area is called work area (5). There is also the footer with various links to wordpress community. The work area is different in different pages of your admin panel. Dashboard is the home page for your admin panel. The dashboard work area shows the recent activity in your blog, allows to quickly access all your posts, pages, comments, and to quickly publish posts. It is shown on screenshot.