Why you need our Newbie Hosting Package?

Not sure how to deal with this web hosting thing and don’t want any long term commitment? Our newbie’s package is just for you then!

What do you get?

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Professional assistance Good value
for your money
Additional features
of the package
  • We will help you decide which application to use on your site and provide
    materials on how to use it
  • We will explain what web hosting control panel is for and how to manage
    your site without any programming knowledge
  • We will give you some tools to help you measure your progress and decide
    how far you should go
  • It is inexpensive – $49 one time for 1 month and $6.76 a month, if you
    decide to stay.
  • We provide email support 24/7/365
  • It is easy to get started
  • No need to get a domain name
  • Choose your own design and learn how to do some basic customization
  • We can create a professional design for you. Ask for details in the form
    on the left

How this all works


Sign up for the “Newbie” hosting package and choose a sub-domain like yourname.2by2host.com


Set up your hosting package, send you information to get started and install the application of your choice.