Thank you for visiting us from phpbb. You came here because you are looking for a forum of your own. That is precisely what you'll get with our Easy phpBB forum package described below. You'll get the latest stable version of the forum and you don't even need to install anything just log in and start using it.

  1. Easy phpBB forum package details
  2. Why you should pay for the service?
  3. When you shouldn't pay for the service?
  4. Examples of our customers' phpBB sites
  5. Ask your questions

1. Easy phpBB forum Package Details:

  • Your own logo
  • Free Domain Name**
  • 4 GB Quality Space*
  • Effective anti-spam
  • International Domain Support***
  • Only $6.75/month

2. Why you should pay for the service?

We admit that there are a lot of free forum services out there. They come and go. Let's face it. They give no guarantees on anything and no privacy. You can lose everything instantly. If you are looking for stability, reliability and support then our service is what you need.

3. When should you choose a free service?

If you're only looking for a forum to play with and then dump in a month or so, then a free forum would be a better solution for you.

4. Examples of our customers' phpBB sites created by us:

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