Thank you for your interest in “Complete website for $100” service. Please read more about what’s included. It is also a good idea to get familiar with the FAQs and look at the sample sites. You will be getting something similar.

Website for $100 includes:

  1. Web hosting (a place where your site will reside) for 12 months.
  2. Installation of your personal “character calculator” with unlimited use.
  3. Free domain registration like, .net. .org, .info for 12 months.
  4. Installation and creation of a WordPress site
  5. Installation of any theme of your choice. You can preview one here
  6. Instructions on how to use your site and how easy it is to add pages!
  7. Ability to create unlimited email account
  8. Ability to add sub-domains (subdomain is a custom address using your domain, something like:
  9. Fantastic tech support
  10. Easy-to-use control panel
  11. Tons of other features

Site samples (this is similar to what you’ll be getting).

Ordering website for $100

Does this all sound good so far? Let’s proceed to ordering. Even if you’re new to web sites and web hosting, the instructions below should help you successfully place your order. You should open up the ordering page in a new window, so that you could look at these instructions as necessary:

  1. Open up the ordering page and enter the domain name you’d like to use for your site.
  2. Click on the 'Click to continue' button after this you should see if the domain name is available and hasn’t been taken by somebody else.
  3. If the domain name is available click on the 'Click to continue' button once more.
  4. On the next page click 'Update cart'
  5. On the open page type in the coupon code 'free-lance' to get a 5% discount
  6. After the system has accepted the coupon code click 'Checkout'
  7. Enter your contact information in the open window. You can either use Paypal for payments or a credit card.
  8. This is it.


Q: How long does it take to have the site setup

A: Not more than 24 hours from the time we’ve received your payment

Q: Who will the domain name be registered to?

A: You

Q: Is it possible to order .com/net/org domains and what’s the cost?

О: Yes, the domain registration is included in the 3000 rubles

Q: What other payments do you accept?

A: We can take a check or a bank wire

Q: Can I put another site on my hosting account?

A: Yes

Q: Who should l contact for any questions?

A: Please use the form on the right side to ask any questions