What is our cost estimate based on?

It is based on clearly defined description of how a function (functionality of the application) will work, it’s synchronization with other applications or itself. We consider how the application will work and need to test everything and fix the bugs that we might have overlooked. Yes, things like that can take place. That is why if it seems that the work can be done in 5 minutes please do it yourself. Believe it! It will be faster than explaining it to us 😉

Do you offer ongoing support/maintenance?

Yes. If you plan on constantly growing your site and need additions on monthly basis we would like to offer to you a particular number of hours that we will dedicate to your project every month. This will ensure that your project receives the necessary prioritized attention.

What is our warranty on bug fixing?

After completing the project, we give you 2 – 8 weeks (depending on the project’s complexity that we determine) to find the bugs that we will fix for free. We can also hire a beta-tester to do extensive bug testing. In this case there will be additional charge for the beta-tester work but the bug fixing will be free again, with the 2 week time limit.