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What is Vitroff

Vitroff is a web based translation project management software for your translation agency. It allows collaborative work of translators, customers and project managers.

The software can be easily integrated with your website and will automatically publish rates, receive and calculate online average costs of the translation quote requests, receive translators applications, etc.

Price: $

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Vitroff overview

When your forum gets flooded with SPAM your site's reputation suffers, your members leave and the SPAMMERS steal your traffic to their site. These are the reasons why we created our script!

When run, it gives you a list of identified SPAM accounts based on our intelligent detection rules. You are then presented with an option to either ban or remove them completely from your forum and either do it one by one or as a batch. This will put a smile on your face and make your SPAM management easy.

Vitroff features

Vitroff has a lot of features to make life of your translation agency simpler. With Vitroff you will manage your projects much faster and save your valuable time.

  • Online customers database
  • Online translators database
  • Receive translation quote requests online
  • Add languages and language pairs
  • Perform instant word/characters calculations
  • Send instant email notifications to customers, translators, project managers
  • Keep all your rates in one place
  • Have multiple rates for different areas
  • Have multiple languages
  • Have multiple payment types
  • Have email templates for every stage of project management work-flow
  • Have integrated statistics of customers, rates, translators, etc

Vitroff screenshots

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There several ways to fight spammers:

  • Delete SPAM posts everyday (very tiring and impractical)
  • Use one of our scripts (much easier than the first one)
  • Protect your registration with special mods that will stop SPAM registrations completely


What's included into the price?

  • Deployment and setup on your web server
  • If don't have a website, a yearly subscription for hosting.
  • 1 year of technical support
  • 3 years of free updates

Ordering and customizing

Once you ordered the software you need to tell us your domain name or desired domain name for your website.