function showPane(paneId) {

// Шаг 1 – ставим общее кол-во закладок, если больше – увеличиваем на единицу, меньше – соотв. уменьшаем
var panes = [“0″,”1″,”2″,”3″,”4”];

for(n in panes) {

if (n == paneId) {
document.getElementById(“pane”+panes[n]).style.display = “block”;

else {
document.getElementById(“pane”+panes[n]).style.display = “none”;


What is WHM client?

WHMClient is a utility that allows you to do basic management of your WHM/cPanel servers without having to use a web browser or command line. It is a little application that you install on your Windows computer.

It allows easy account administration of your WHM/cPanel server, takes up very little of your system resources and resides in your system tray awaiting for your commands.

Price: $49
More information about WHMClient



WHMClient is your way into WEB 3.0 technology where there’s no need to use a web browser. This way the work can be done much faster and efficiently.



When managing a WHM/cPanel server sometimes the browser interface is not the quickest way to do certain tasks. Being in web hosting business we created a lot of tools to make our life easier. One of our favorite ones is the WHMClient that you can install on your Windows computer.

WHMClient makes basic administration and easy task. No need to open a web browser just keep the client minimized in your system tray and access it whenever you need to.



WHM client primary features

  • Tiny file size (only 500 Kb)
  • Proxy support (incl. socks5)
  • Hosting Account creation/suspension/termination
  • Account password change
  • Account bandwidth limit change
  • Domain whois lookup
  • Domain IP detection
  • Hosting packages creation/editing/removal
  • and much more!

WHM screenshots:

List of server accounts:

View account info:

List of packages:

View package info:

Add an account:

Supported hardware and software

  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Seven
  • RAM 16 MB
  • Disk space 5 MB
  • Internet connection speed – 9600 Bit/s
  • WHM 11.24.2 or higher

Questions & Answers

  1. I paid via PayPal, but didn't receive a download link. What should I do?
  2. Is it possible to download a trial version of WHM client?
  1. If for some reason you didn't receive it via email you should contact us through the contact form on the right. Please, don't forget to include the payment transaction ID. This way, we'll be able to find your order and re-send the download link to you.
  2. Unfortunately, no. You can buy it and if you don't like the software, within 5 days you can ask for a full refund.