How we can help you or your business progressively:

We will install, customize pr modify any open source software on your site and will do any additional development. We will help you with any product, even if it's not very popular or a new one. We have experience running high traffic sites with lots of visitors a day. Whatever your needs might be, we guarantee to build you a system that will work for you and for your customers.

Why and how do we do all this?

We are developers, designers and marketing strategists who are interested in growing the open source arena of software applications. Open source applications lack documentation, support, security and other things, therefore there is a need for a professional service that makes all this work the right way and you can sleep at night.

Our own software

We also develop our own in-house software for anybody to use. These include: content management system, modifications for phpBB, SMF, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook and Firefox, mySQL administration tool, project management software and various handy web utilities.

We are confident with the following applications:

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