Professional WordPress customization: WordPress mods installation and design services. Top service guaranteed. 10 years of experience! Thank you for visiting us from the WordPress site.

We offer the following WordPress services:

WordPress customization services

We can develop any custom functionality for your WordPress forum or expand an existing mod. For example, we can make your forum work with any other application you might have on your site, so that customers don’t have to sign in twice.

per hour*

$/hour for our hosting customers and $/hour for others

WordPress mod installation services

Although a fairly simple task in WordPress mod installation can be tricky. Some just wouldn’t install while others just don’t work with your forum style or theme. We can make sure everything works.


If you didn’t find a mod that you need you can search for one in the MODs database. Then use our feedback form to submit your request.

WordPress hosting

We offer reliable hosting for your forum, which includes free domain name, installation of WordPress forum, one free style of your choice and a logo from the picture you provide. Personal little blog hosting without application support from us.

per year

WordPress style development services

We can create a new theme for any version of your forum from either any design you might have or create a new design for you. Druapl styles will make your forum more attractive and will give it a fresh professional look.

per hour*

$/hour for our hosting customers and $/hour for others

WordPress installation services

Installing WordPress without an installation script can be tricky. That’s where we come in to make is happen for you in the easiest possible way. We can also help with database conversion when upgrading from the old versions of WordPress or any other forum.

per hour

WordPress sample site

With our hosting you’l install WordPress with one click – it’s that simple!


2by2host offers reliable 100% network uptime, top of the line, not overloaded reliable servers, assistance with WordPress forum installation and configuration, and great reliable tech support and customer service. Make the right decision.