SquareSpace can be a good solution for a personal website. Their platform has a lot of options for building your site, weather it’s for blogging or just a regular site.  Those tools however come at a high price: and that’s not being able to have complete control over your environment and being stuck with their hosting. If their system doesn’t have something you need to have, chances are you will never get it. For example, if you need a widget that does certain things, there’s no way to get it on SquareSpace. You are also stuck with their analytics and other similar tools. Oh, did I mention? “You have to learn how to use their tools”. People constantly look for developers who can assist with building their SquareSpace site. This makes you wonder how it can be different from any other website builder. Some people however do like website builders a lot and are willing to suck up the limitations they impose. In either case SquareSpace is not a perfect solution and should be considered very carefully.


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