Is your PC plugged in?

This took place when one of our customers had to deal with his past web hosting provider. We are not exposing the name of it for the known reasons.

08:16:14 Bhagashri: bhaguvarishatisivinabudasan is here
08:16:29 Bhagashri: i thought you disconnected
08:16:37 Bhagashri: hello? may I help you?
08:16:53 Bhagashri: i fix you site kindly
08:16:53 Visitor!: hello
08:17:12 Visitor!: thank you, is it free?
08:17:12 Bhagashri: hello sir, how can i help you? sir
08:17:33 Bhagashri: yes, my help is absolutely free sir
08:18:05 Bhagashri: hello! helcome our support. may I help you?
08:18:06 Visitor!: ok, I'd like to purchase your hosting
08:18:18 Bhagashri: my hosting?
08:18:28 Visitor!: yes
08:18:43 Bhagashri: ok, sir that is fine
08:19:07 Bhagashri: you can do this here: hosting link
08:19:31 Visitor!: your link does not work
08:19:47 Bhagashri: sir, is your pc plugged in?
08:20:03 Visitor!: let me check
08:20:18 Bhagashri: i'm checking same on my pc
08:20:36 Visitor!: how you do that? please teach
08:20:37 Bhagashri: yes, it's plugged in
08:20:52 Bhagashri: the wall
08:21:01 Bhagashri: you need plug into wall
08:22:03 Bhagashri: what is the color of your wall?
08:22:23 Visitor!: I think it's green
08:22:27 Visitor!: not sure
08:22:34 Visitor!: will it work?
08:22:36 Bhagashri: let me check with my supervisor
08:22:54 Bhagashri: ok, checked with my supervisor
08:23:20 Bhagashri: you need to look for 2 holes in the wall
08:23:25 Bhagashri: just put it there
08:24:26 Bhagashri: this will fix your problem
08:25:49 Bhagashri: bye sir!