Some older versions of WordPress do not support “one-click” installation from the admin panel of your site. Plus we don’t recommend one-click installations because they do not always work well. You can upload themes for WordPress through the FTP. You need to have an FTP client for this. FTP client is a program which you can easily download from the Internet.
1. I opened an FTP client (FileZilla) and enabled the FTP connection to my hosting account by typing in the name of my host (, my username and my password.
2. I downloaded to my hard disk the zip archive with the WordPress theme. I unzipped it.
3. In FileZilla I navigated to the theme folder. In the right side of the FTP client I went to the directory where my WP files were located. I found the wp-content — > themes folder.
4. I dragged and dropped the theme folder into the wp-content — > themes folder.
5. I returned to my WP site, the admin area, and found the recently installed theme. I activated it.