Even though installing WordPress is easy, sometimes things can go not the way you expected. This primarily depends on where you install it. Where can you possibly install WordPress? It can be on your Mac, web hosting account, cloud, VPS or a dedicated server. So the environment can greatly vary from a Windows box or any flavor of Linux or Unix. This article doesn’t cover auto-installers which can be time-savers but are harder to troubleshoot if things go wrong. No matter where you are going to install WordPress the following guidelines will always apply:

  •  A database has to be set up (created first) – How to create cpanel database
  • WordPress files have to be copied to your environment and expanded
  • WordPress installation script will have to be run from your web browser

These three steps are a must and if followed correctly will result in a working WordPress site. You will have to configure it after that but that’s where WP Simplify and WP SiteBuilder come into play.

WP custommization