by Alex Benko, 2by2host

Concrete5 System Requirements

Concrete5 runs well on any web server that supports PHP. We prefer Linux based Apache

Recommended Web Servers

  1. Apache 1 or 2
  2. Microsoft IIS not recommended by Concrete5 developers but will run on that system

Recommended Database Servers

  1. MySQL 3.23.4 and up.
  2. MySQL4.0.15 and up with 5.x recommended

PHP Recommendations

  1. PHP 5.1.x and up with PHP 5.2.x recommended

Other Considerations

  1. Python 2.2 only needed when comparing versions of pages using HTMLDiff
  2. GD support

Our choice of the best packages to run Concrete5 is either our managed shared hosting or GoEasy plan both of them have been fine-tuned to run Concrete5. A lot of people recommend these as a perfect platform for Concrete5 web hosting.