Managed Shared Hosting?

MSH (Managed Shared Hosting) package offers you all benefits of dedicated hosting and also server management (value of $1000 a month), limited but expandable application support!.

We might create a 2by2host admin account on your site for our technicians to make sure you have the latest updates of the software and make recommendations about potential problems.

Apache Standard Server $45 per month

Nginx High Traffic Server (*) $175 per month

instant account activation!

Read our article about managed shared hosting
* Applies to NPS customers

Reasons to use our Managed Shared Hosting

Get $50 back

Get 30 minutes every month ($50 value) of application support for your website at no additional cost when purchasing an MSH package. The work can include: HTML fixes, software updates, mod and plug-in installation, monthly security checks, etc

About fully managed package

  • Fully managed business class hosting means – we do the hard work for you!
  • We help you when you are “stuck” and don't know what to do next
  • We care about your success
  • We care about you

2by2host's legendary support

  • Unlimited, timely and knowledgeable email support
  • We check your site's security (most common reason why sites get compromised)

Advantages of being with us

Account features

  • Manage cPanel-powered control panel (the best in the industry)
  • Enjoy DDoS protection and file caching
  • + All hosting features
  • Green, green, green. (Get our green fuel favicon!).

Basic HTML fixes

  • Change color of text, background
  • Fix CSS formatting issues
  • Everything that can be done within 1 hour per month!

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