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Wondered why sometimes you might see the following MySQL message?

Checking for corrupt, not cleanly closed and upgrade needing tables

In most cases this is not an error. It's only a system notification telling you that MySQL server is checking the tables during the start-up process. However, if your tables were not cleanly closed, you might need to run these commands from shell:

For not cleanly closed MyISAM tables

Check table(s):

myisamchk /path_to_mysql/db1.MYI

You can put an asterisk (*) to check all tables.

Repair table(s):

myisamchk –recover /path_to_mysql/db1.MYI
or with –safe-recover instead of –recover

SQL statements

In addition, there are some SQL statements for MyISAM and InnoDB tables that can help you with corrupt tables. These are: