by Alex Benko, 2by2host

Removing android apk

These are the easy steps to remove any .apk file from an Android device.

The way a file system on an micro SD card is mounted is normally as read-only. This is done because your manufacturer has contracts to promote the software and vice versa. In addition all files on the card have “root” permissions, so if you don't have a rooted device, it's not easy to remove these. You might see tons of apps that you will not need taking up valuable space on your card. So we are presenting you with a couple of ways to remove the .apk files from your card.

Geeky way to remove .apk files from your Android device:

  1. Root your device (this will void the warranty but you can always go back to being unrooted). The easiest way to root your device is to use SuperOneClick software. You can Google it or use one of our articles that describe it.
  2. Once you have an rooted device you can install a “Terminal Emulator” app (free from Android Market) and run “su” command from the shell. It will ask you if you'd like to run that command with “root” permissions and once you confirm it you will be logged in with “root” permissions.
  3. Next you'll need another free program called “mount /system (rw/ro) (free from Android Market). Install and run it. You will see two buttons “Mount r/o” and “Mount r/w”. The latter will remount the flash card with write permissions.
  4. Now go back to the “Terminal Emulator”. “cd” to /system/app directory and run “rm appname” (you can use partial name like app*, so that you wouldn't have to type in the full name).

This will remove the unwanted .apk file

Whimpy way to remove .apk files from your Android device:

  1. Get micro SD card reader ($10 from Amazon), stick your card into it and remove the necessary files from your PC or Mac

This will remove the unwanted .apk file

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