Warning: exec() has been disabled for security reasons

Function exec is disabled. What to do?

I see the “Warning: exec() has been disabled for security reasons” message on my site. What should I do? How can I fix this?
Solution for the “exec disabled” issue

In order to eliminate this error message you need to do ONE of the following things:

Remove the exec string from the disable_functions at php.ini* file
Ask your hosting provider to remove the string above if you don’t have an access to the php.ini* file
Change hosting provider which allows the running of the exec function.

Google app email setup

by Alex Benko, 2by2host

Google app email setup

These only apply to configuring POP3 and SMTP

Google app emails work through secure connections. This is important to understand when setting up your email program to work with Google apps. These steps also assume that you have already signed up with Google apps either free or paid, went through all confirmation steps and now are ready to configure your email program like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

The information you will need is the following:

  1. Your name: This is optional but put something in there so that people see who the email came from.
  2. E-mail address:The email address you're trying to your mailbox with.
  3. Incoming mail server(POP3): pop.yourdomain.com (you have to create a CNAME record in your DNS zone first and point it to pop.gmail.com).
  4. Outgoing mail server (SMTP): smtp.yourdomain.com (you have to create a CNAME record in your DNS zone first and point it to smtp.gmail.com).
  5. User Name: Your full email address like [email protected]
  6. Password: Password to your mailbox.
  7. Login using secure password authentication: This should be disabled.
  8. My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication: This should be enabled.
  9. Use the same settings as my incoming mail server: This should be selected.
  10. Incoming server (POP3): Port 995.
  11. This server requires a secure connection (SSL): This should be enabled.
  12. Outgoing server (SMTP): Port 587.
  13. Use the following type of encrypted connection: TSL.
  14. Server Timeouts: (Greater than 1 minute. Recommended setting is 5).
  15. Leave a copy of messages on the server Set this to disabled, otherwise you will end up downloading multiple copies of the same messages.
  16. Our recommendation for a fast and secure Google app hosting package are either our managed shared hosting or GoEasy plan The first one is fully-managed meaning we do everything for you and the second is self-managed which means you configure everything yourself. It's your pick to go with an exceptional Google app hosting packages that everybody loves.

Domain Registration Prices

GoDaddy Alternative. Real alternative

TLD* Registration /yr Renewal /yr Transfer**
.com $20.00 $20.00 $20.00
.net $20.00 $20.00 $20.00
.org $20.00 $20.00 $20.00
.us $20.00 $20.00 $20.00
.info $20.00 $20.00 $20.00
.biz $20.00 $20.00 $20.00
.tv $55.00 $55.00 N/A
.ws $100.00 $100.00 N/A
.bz $55.00 $55.00 N/A
.cc $55.00 $55.00 $55.00

* TLD – is a top-level domain name. It is the last part of any domain ( For example:
.com .org .gov)
** If you already have one or more domain with us and others somewhere else, it
would be a good idea for you to transfer all your domains to us.

The “Transfer” is not the same thing as a name server change (star1.hosting-pp.com
or star2.hosting-pp.com), the “Transfer” means you pay us to renew your
domain for 1 year from the transfer date for only $20.00

  • The registry stipulates that domain name transfers are the same as the new one-year
    name registrations. We follow the same rules. Transfers retain the time remaining
    on the registration of the other registrar, and do not start the clock over.
    Exception: The Registry will not add a year if the domain is transferred
    within the first 45 days of the extended/renewed year.

  • Default DNS settings: (The default DNS addresses are for domain and email forwarding
    dns5.name-services.com ……
    Your DNS details should be sent to you within 24 hours from signup.

  • Please write down your domain password when you register a new domain.

About us

2by2host was founded in early 2006 and started its mission by working with Open Source products.

Our initial idea was to provide affordable hosting with development services. We had a very successful start and received many requests from our hosting customers to have development work done for their sites. We began building our own team of developers and designers to accommodate our growing web community.

Up to this day we have completed over 1,000 projects in the Open Source industry, contributed themes and mods for open source products that are now being used by thousands of sites, acquired another web hosting company and teamed up with a language translation agency.

Our hosting packages are suitable for a business as well as an individual site. Our customers benefit from lower hourly rates for development and design and our affiliate program has a few very helpful features to promote your site. These features are only available to our customers!

Due to the large variety of complex software products on the market we have decided to develop our own alternatives and Open Source applications that are very light in size and simple to use. Among them are: weather informer, database management utility, content and project management systems and web hosting server management application.

Today we are working on a lot of interesting projects. Two of them are a video bookmarking service that will allow people to organize videos from any resource and a simple but powerful content management system that will be compatible with various designs. We also constantly work with our business customers to mutually help each other grow.

Our brands

Hosting business

2by2 host logo
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Online services

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Our office hours:

Open source sales by phone:

Monday – Friday 6:00AM to 5:00PM EST

Phone open source support:

Monday – Friday 6:00AM to 5:00PM EST – $150 per hour

Products support through email:

Monday – Friday 6:00AM to 5:00PM EST

Hosting technical support:

24×7 via email or via our ticketing system

Our official address:

Atlantic Silicon Inc.
53 Roys Road
New Ashford, MA 01237

Our rates:

Development rates:
Premium hosting customers – $50 per hour
GoEasy package hosting customers – $ per hour
Other customers – from $ per hour
Development by phone – $250 per hour
Urgent requests (incl. Sat, Sun) – x2 the rate you qualify for

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Ecological and green hosting:

We cut the use of paper in our business almost to zero!

Contact 2by2host

To get answers to Sales, Customer Service or Technical questions please use our ticketing system
For any comments or suggestions, feel free to use the form below.

2by2host would like to hear from you. Please send us your questions or comments
via the form below. We use electronic messaging with our clients for better
tracking and more accurate communication.

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Hosting Advertising inquiries

Have some cool advertising opportunities to offer? Are you sure
that advertisement on your website will bring us customers? Become our
affiliate partner at 2by2host
and show us that advertisement with you is worth it.

SEO companies inquiries

Would like to bring us a lot of traffic? That's sounds very promising and we are very interested in the relevant traffic. Even more, we'd like to pay you for it! Become our affiliate partner at 2by2host community, bring the relevant traffic to us and get paid for every customer referred to us!

SMF user?

Please navigate to the appropriate SimpleMachines Mods section on our website


Atlantic Silicon Inc.
53 Roys Road
New Ashford, MA 01237


Phone: 413-776-4190

Instant messengers:

Skype: mad_support

Follow us:

FaceBook Twitter Mod for simplemachines

function showPane(paneId) {

// Шаг 1 – ставим общее кол-во закладок, если больше – увеличиваем на единицу, меньше – соотв. уменьшаем
var panes = [“0″,”1″,”2″,”3″,”4”];

for(n in panes) {

if (n == paneId) {
document.getElementById(“pane”+panes[n]).style.display = “block”;

else {
document.getElementById(“pane”+panes[n]).style.display = “none”;


Facebook Twitter Mod for SimpleMachines

Facebook Twitter Mod for SMF enables your posts to be published automatically to Twitter and to a selected wall in your Facebook account. Don't miss this opportunity to increase organic traffic to your forum with this mod for only $149.

Price: $149

Facebook Twitter Mod for SimpleMachines Overview

Facebook Twitter Mod for SimpleMachines – it's unique software, created by 2by2host.com team that helps your website get better web precense and significantly increase organic traffic to it. At the same time it ultimately leads to a increase of new registrations on your forum. In addition, our Twitter Facebook mod is fully compatible with all major search engines. Better indexing by Google and other search engines is guaranteed.

Another reason to buy it is that we don't host any of your settings and don't see or even store your Twitter and Facebook login details. While comparing it to other free online services that allow linking your forum to Twitter and Facebook, with our mod you have full control of what, when and where the posts are published.

Free updates terms of service.

Facebook Twitter Mod Features

  • Enable/Disable Twitter Service
  • Support of Twitter OAuth!
  • Support for URL shortening services bit.ly
  • Ability to enable/disable bit.ly
  • Support for URL shortening services trim.su
  • Great support and free one-time install on your forum
  • Enable/Disable Facebook Service
  • Support of Facebook OAuth!
  • Ability to set a post frequency
  • Ability to reset everything and start posting again
  • Ability to choose a target page to post
  • Stats display: topics published/topics pending
  • Ability to set custom message to be posted on Twitter/Facebook

Google Analytics: In Adition to the mod we can set up Google Analytics and Google for wembasters accounts for you at no extra cost.

Facebook Twitter Mod screenshot

Main window

Facebook Twitter Mod screenshot

Facebook Twitter Mod system requirements

  • Requirements: SMF 2.0.X, PHP5, PHP cURL lib.
  • Compatibility: Official SMF 2.0.X
  • Mods compatibility: Created by official SMF team only

Facebook Twitter Mod system support


Please follow our Detailed Twitter Mod Installation instructions. Don't hesitate to contact our support if you have any issues installing it or have comments/concerns about it, etc.


To configure your copy of Twitter Mod for SMF to work with Twitter and Facebook social networking we charge $100

Terms of Service

By ordering 2by2Host.com hosting service or any product you (the client) agree to these terms of service and to follow 2by2Host.com’s Usage Policy, as each may be amended or revised from time to time.

1. Account Activation

1.1. We (2by2Host.com) aim to activate your account within 48 hours after you sign up. The actual time will vary depending on each client’s circumstances and in some cases can be as short as 6 hours upon completion of our standard fraud check protocol and receipt of your payment. You (the client) consent to our use of a charge back bureau and credit checks.

1.2. Please fill in your correct phone number when you sign up. (Note: we do not accept cell phone numbers!)

1.3. Note: All customers who singed up before 2006 and used 2checkout please follow this link to find out how to change your billing information.


2. Technical support

2.1. We provide free technical hosting support via email and tickets only. This may include: domain is not responding, email is not working and anything else related to your hosting account. Paid support by live chat and/or phone is available for $150 per hour.

2.2. Only relevant application support is rendered. Any additional features or functionality can be developed at the customer’s expense at $100 per hour.

3. Technical Support Limitations

3.1. Although debugging or analyzing scripts is not included in our standard services, for an additional charge we may provide debugging and analyzing of scripts. Please note, if you are going to be using scripts, you must be an experienced programmer as our support of scripts is limited.


4. Payment Methods That We Accept

4.1. We only accept Visa, AMEX, Master Card and Discover cards, Paypal, money wires and in some cases personal checks (subject to our prior approval). We do not accept cashier’s checks or money orders.

4.2 Country of permanent establishment: Atlantic Silicon Inc. is incorporated in Massachusetts, USA

5. Payments For Development Services

5.1. We generally do not require any down payment if the total amount of services ordered is less then $200, in which case payment can generally be done within five (5) business days after completion of the work. For all services above $200 we require a 50% down payment prior to starting work with the remaining 50% paid at completion. All work must be paid for in-full within five (5) business days of completion.

5.2. If your full payment is not received within such five (5) business day period then you shall be charged interest at an annual percentage of ten percent (10%) compounded daily. Failure to pay within said five (5) business day period, gives us the right to submit such bill to collection.

5.3. Customers outside of the U.S. are required to pay in full before we start any development projects for them.

5.4. In case of any conflicts all current work is stopped until the incident is completely resolved. The down-payment is only refundable within the first week after the payment has been received and not under any circumstances thereafter.

6. Rights to Copyright

6.1. We require our copyright links to be present on the customer’s web site unless otherwise agreed to in the project specifications. Removal of 2by2host’s copyright links will void any warranties, offers or responsibilities from 2by2host and will lead to renegotiation of any further development fees. Removal of 2by2host’s copyrights does not relieve the customer of paying any due or future invoices that might be generated in relation to the project.

6.2. Any free products provided by 2by2host with the copyrights removed without our permission will immediately make the customer fully liable for the associated costs that will be calculated based on the invested resources.

6.3. The ownership of the code is transferred after the payment has been received in full from the customer and is limited by any licenses or copyrights associated with the product or libraries used for the operation and development of the web site.

7. Non-payments For Our Services

7.1. For all accounts that are one (1) month past due or more we reserve the right to suspend or terminate the account or undo all the work we have done until payment is received in-full. Further, we have the right to terminate your account once it is one (1) month past due and to replace all such homepages with our homepage. We also reserve the right to send your information to any collection agency, use private investigation services and share your credit information (this will include any data we obtain from a third party service, credit bureaus and other online protective services).

8. Backups

8.1. Backups are the sole responsibility of the client. Although we do weekly backups we make no guaranties of the quality of our backups. Often there is at least a 10% file loss in the transfer to a backup file and/or the backup file of your site may be corrupted. We provide all the necessary tools in your hosting account to do complete backups of everything.

8.2. If you are no longer our customer and need a full backup of your site we might provide such backup for $199 if we still have a copy of it. This sum can vary based on the actual size of your account and the time and expenses needed to get it to you. This doesn’t apply to any custom-software that we might have built or set up for you and haven’t collected our development fees for it. In such a case the backup cost will depend on the amount of work we have initially put into building the system.

9. Hosting and Domain Renewals

9.1. As our customer and the owner of domains that you purchase through our service, it is solely your responsibility to make sure your domain(s) get properly renewed. Domain expiration can be caused by late or non-payments or some billing issue with your account. We are readily available to assist you, but keep in mind that all domains that got into Redemption (which happens in 1 month after domain expired) are subject to $350 renewal fees.

9.2. The email service provided by 2by2host is complementary to the website hosting only. It cannot be treated as business class or professional in any form. This means that it’s completely self-managed and doesn’t support any business-critical functions. You have the ability to create your own mailboxes from your cpanel account and configure Outlook, Thunderbird, etc mail programs to work with those mailboxes. Our system is designed to block IP address of the user who typed in their password incorrectly more than 3 times. If your IP gets blacklisted you will not be able to open your site or check your emails. Log in to your billing account and use the utility there to unblock your IP as described in this article. If urgent (within 24 hours) email support is needed it can be provided at $150 an hour on business days, otherwise it’s $100 an hour.

As an alternative we recommend setting up a Gmail account and mapping your address to it. This can be done with as many accounts as needed and your domain-specific email account can be mapped to one or multiple gmail addresses.

10. Cancellation

10.1. If you decide to cancel your account, just submit a trouble ticket to us fourteen (14) days in advance BEFORE your next billing cycle. We have the right to delete your site immediately upon receipt of such cancellation notice in order to prevent any risk of spamming, DoS attacks, port scans, IP Hijacks and the like using our services.

10.2. As noted above, your hosting accounts may be cancelled if you fail to pay for our services in a timely manner.

10.3. Domain names that came with our hosting may be used free (only MSH customers with annual subscription and only if requested) of charge only while hosting with us. If your service is cancelled we may sell such name to you for $350.

10.4. If any direct or indirect chargeback threat or any other threat is received from a customer their account will be automatically put on hold until further investigation is conducted.

11. Refund Policy

11.1. All advanced payments and deposits are non-refundable. Upon early cancellation, 2by2Host.com shall keep all unpaid balances.

12. Client Warranties

12.1. You represent and warrant to 2by2Host.com that:

(a) You own or have the right to use all material contained in the website, including all text, graphics, sound, video, programming, scripts, and applets; and

(b) The use, reproduction, distribution, and transmission of the 2by2Host.com website, or any information or materials contained in it, on and from server computer does not: (1) infringe or misappropriate any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, or any other proprietary rights of a third party; (2) violate any criminal laws; (3) constitute false advertising, unfair competition, defamation, an invasion of privacy, violate a right of publicity, or violate any other law or regulation.

(c) You are using your true name and address in your communications with us and in your billing account.

12.2. You can also represent a company or another person but it has to be made clear to us and proper documentation provided.

12.3. If at any point we suspect that you are using stolen or fake identity, we will immediately suspend your account and will request a scanned copy of your picture ID to sent to us by email within 48 hours. Until such ID is provided we will stop any communications with you, any technical or billing assistance.

13. Limitations of Warranties and Liability


14. Right to Monitor and Remove Unacceptable Sites

14.1. 2by2Host.com has the right, but not the duty, to review and monitor all content submitted for or included on the website, and in its sole discretion to remove any content that 2by2Host.com finds objectionable for any reason without prior notice to you.

15. Indemnity

15.1. You are solely responsible for any liability arising out of or related to the website. You agree to indemnify and hold 2by2Host.com harmless from and against any and all liabilities, losses, damages, costs, and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees and experts’ fees, associated with any claim or action brought against 2by2Host.com related to or arising out of the website or your breach of its warranties under this Agreement. This indemnification agreement will survive termination of this Agreement.

16. Assignment

16.1. This Agreement may not be assigned by you directly or by operation of law to any other person, firm, or entity without the express written approval of 2by2Host.com.

17. Causes Beyond Reasonable Control

17.1. 2by2Host.com will be excused from delays in performing or from failing to perform its obligations under this Agreement to the extent the delays or failures result from causes beyond its control.

18. Validity of Agreement

18.1. If any term, provision, covenant, or condition of this Agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, the rest of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect and shall in no way be affected or invalidated.

19. Entire Agreement

19.1. 2by2Host.com reserves the right to change, append or revise its usage policies or terms of service at any time for any reason and without advance notice.

19.2. This agreement as it may be amended by 2by2Host.com from time to time, including the usage policy, the billing policy and any exhibits, appendices, and attachments, contains the entire agreement of the parties relating to the rights granted and obligations assumed in this agreement.

20. Venue and Applicable Law

20.1. This agreement shall be governed, construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (without respect to principles of conflicts of law), and the parties submit to jurisdiction of and venue in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in any legal proceeding necessary to interpret or enforce this agreement or any part of this agreement.

21. Collection Fees and Costs

21.1. If you fail to pay all sums in full when due, then 2by2Host.com shall be entitled to recover from you 2by2Host.com’s actual costs of collection, including without limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees and all other litigation costs, including expert witness fees, and all actual attorney fees and litigation costs incurred in connection with the enforcement of a judgment arising from such action or proceeding. The provisions of the proceeding sentence shall be severable from the provisions of this agreement and shall survive the entry of any such judgment.

21.2. We will charge 25 cents per transaction of a not working or not updated credit card every time our system tries to run it.

Web hosting

GoEasy Plan

BEST Features on the web!

  • UNLIMITED Disk Space
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • UNLIMITED Email Accounts
  • UNLIMITED Domains
  • 264 Free Web Apps
  • 100% Network Uptime

Legendary Support and Service

  • 24/7/365 Tech Support
  • Useful Articles and Tutorials
  • Competence in Web Development
  • Fast Response Time
  • Assistance with Site Optimization
  • Great Partners Benefits
1 month


Order Now!

6 months


Order Now!

1 year


Order Now!

2 years


Order Now!Best Value

Something for Everyone in Each Package

For E-commerce:

  • FREE stores and shopping carts
  • PayPal payments support
  • SSL Certificates
  • Traffic Statistics through Google Analytics
  • Open PGP and GPG Encryption
  • E-commerce for blogs and forums

Web Site Management:

  • cPanel admin panel
  • Robust File Manager
  • Mime types
  • Apache Handlers
  • Ban by IP
  • Easy Cron Jobs
  • URL redirection
  • Protection from Hot Linking
  • SSI (server side includes)
  • Password-protected directories

Email Features (provided as complementary to hosting only!):

  • UNRESTRICTED* number of email accounts
  • Webmail, Outlook, Entourage, Thunderbird
  • SMTP, IMAP and POP services
  • Email lists, forwarders, very basic anti-SPAM
  • Auto-replies and Catch-all mailbox

Server environment:

  • MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • PHP4 and 5
  • Perl and Python
  • Optimized and secure Apache
  • ionCube
  • mod_rewrite and php.ini
  • .htaccess and smarty templates
  • Flash and Shockwave
  • Weekly backups

Website Access:

  • Complete access to your sites files (HTML, CSS, PHP, etc) through your hosting file manager or FTP.
  • Complete access to your database and tables within it

Tons of FREE web apps:

  • WordPress
  • phpBB
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • SMF
  • Joomla
  • osCommerce
  • Flash Chat
  • Coppermine


  • UNLIMITED parked and sub-domains
  • UNLIMITED Addon domains
  • Subdomains redirects and emails
  • DNS Management


  • Awstats and Google Analytics
  • Access Log
  • Latest visitors
  • Bandwidth Usage
  • Disk Space Usage
  • Error Log

FTP service:

  • UNLIMITED number of FTP accounts
  • FTPS secure FTP
  • sFTP support

Compatibility support:

  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows
  • Compatible with Mac OS
  • Compatible with Linux
  • Compatible with smart phones
  • Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • AOL and Opera
  • Chrome and Safari

Social networking integration:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
* The email service is complimentary for any hosting account and there are no guarantees of any sorts or any top-of-the-line SPAM filtering. Ask us about dedicated solutions if you need business-class email service.

Extra features you might be interested in

Name of the service for GoEasy customers for MSH customers
Dedicated IP, per month $14.99 $9.99
Advanced site backup, per Gb $3 $2
SSL Certificate (GeoTrust) $50 $50
Domain ID protect $25 free
Domain registration $20 $20
Domain transfer in $20 $10
Domain transfer out $50 $50
Phone support $250 per hour 1h free (only 1st mo)
Remote support $250 per hour $200 per hour
Live chat support $150 per hour free
Site Mirroring cost of your package 50% of the cost of your package
Website backup $35 (up to 1 Gb) free (up to 5 Gb)

Other hosting-related services

Name of the service for GoEasy customers for MSH customers
Web development services $65/h $50/h
Android app development $85/h $65/h
iPhone/iPad app development $85/h $65/h
Software development services $65/h $50/h
Writing project specifications $199/h $149/h
Complete basic website $99 $50
Logo design $200 $150
Weekend, holiday & urgent work $349/h $299/h